This page shows all the achievements across all the games, and their rewards.

Survival GamesEdit

Name Description Rewards
Survivor Win your first game of survival games. 10 experience, 1 cubelet
Tactical surviving Win 10 games of survival games. 150 experience, 1 cubelet
Bloodthirsty Win 100 games of survival games. 500 experience, 50 points, 2 cubelets
Slayer Win 1,000 games of survival games. 1500 experience, 500 points, 3 cubelets
Survival Champion Win 10,000 games of survival games. 10000 experience, 5000 points, 5 cubelets
Katniss Everdeen Kill 5 people in 1 game. 250 experience, 1 cubelet
Fatniss Everbean Eat one of every food in one game. 150 experience
Pacifist Win without dealing damage to anyone. 250 experience, 1 cubelet
There were chests? Win a game without opening a chest. 300 experience, 1 cubelet
Armourless Win without putting any armor on. 200 experience, 100 points
The starved Win without eating. 150 experience, 50 points
Almighty Spud Kill someone with a potato. 200 experience, 1 cubelet
Hard Work Win without sprinting. 300 experience, 1 cubelet
Deathmatch sucks Win without going into deathmatch. 150 experience, 50 points
Point Blank Shoot a player with a bow at point blank range. 100 experience, 50 points


Team SkywarsEdit

Solo SkywarsEdit

Ultra HardcoreEdit

Control PointEdit

Block WarsEdit


HackersDontWin was here. ye ye



TNT RunEdit

Name Description Reward
Beginning to run Win your first game of TNT run. 10 experience, 1 cubelet
Better runner Get 10 wins in TNT run. 150 experience, 1 cubelet
Dedicated to running Get 100 wins in TNT run. 500 experience, 50 points, 2 cubelets
Impressive runner Get 1,000 wins in TNT run. 1500 experience, 500 points, 3 cubelets
Expert sprinter Get 10,000 wins in TNT run. 10000 experience, 5000 points, 5 cubelets
Can't stop me Destroy 400 blocks in a single game. 150 experience, 1 cubelet
Anti gravity Win a game without dropping down a single level. 150 experience, 1 cubelet
Sprintless Win a game without sprinting. 150 experience, 1 cubelet
Marathon runner Win a game constantly sprinting. 150 experience, 1 cubelet
Countdown Win a game in under 30 seconds. 300 experience, 100 points

Parkour MinigameEdit

Super Craft BrosEdit

Quake CraftEdit

Hide and SeekEdit



Tower Defence

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