Block Wars is a Capture the Flag type of game, the main twist is that you can place blocks. It was transferred from The Chunk.

Gameplay Edit

Build Phase Edit

During build phase, you will get 72 blocks of stained clay (having the same color as your team) and a diamond pickaxe. These blocks would help you provide defense to protect your flag. You can still choose your kit with /kit in building phase.

Fight Phase Edit

During fight phase, your team must try to battle with the other team and try to win the game (by capturing the most flags). Steal the opponents flag, then bring it back to your flag to capture it. If you are carrying the flag, you receive a Slowness III effect.

Overtime Edit

Overtime happens if both teams are tied in the game after fight phase. Overtime is an additional 2 minutes of the round except removes all of the stained clay blocks placed onto the map. This would make the round more challenging to defend when enemies try to invade your base. If overtime runs out, then it is therfore a tie game. You can still obtain blocks from various sources in overtime such as mining them during fight phase with Miner kit, using the Builder kit with an additional amount of 5 yellow stained clay blocks.

Kits Edit

Main article: Block Wars Kits
In BlockWars, there are various kits or classes to choose in the game. There is a total of 8 kits which include:

  • Warrior
  • Archer
  • Runner
  • Tank
  • Miner
  • Builder
  • Ninja
  • Jumper
  • Summoner

Stats Edit

Stats kept for this game are:

  • Flags Captured
  • Games Lost
  • Games Won
  • Deaths
  • Players Killed

Points Edit

Players earn 2 points for a kill, 3 points for a capture, and 15 points for a win (plus 100 experience).

Maps Edit

Trivia Edit

  • tuxed had the original idea for Block Wars.

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