The whole network of CubeCraft prepared for Christmas 2015 with event containing sales, maps, minigames and competitions. During the Christmas there was 30% off everything in store.

Maps Edit

There were special Cristmas-themed maps for limited time in various games.

  • Skywars - Snowman
  • Eggwars - Fireplace
  • Team LuckyIslands - Snowflake
  • Team SkyWars - Dinner

Minigames Edit

Christmas Games were special minigames releated to Christmas. They were available in the Travel menu limited time.

Snowdown Edit

Snowdown were a return to minigame of Christmas 2014. All the player had to do were to try make opponent to crash his trail which follows the player. When the opponent crashes to it, he dies. Players could pick up goodies from the floor to increase the change to win - the last remaining team wins!

Present Rush Edit

Present Rush were a strategic, fast-paced minigame where players had to produce as much present they can in three minutes. The floor also starts to dissolve at a certain amount of time, so you need skills in parkour!

To do it they had to collect fuel which spawns randomly to the floor and take it back to their generators on their workstations. There are three types of coal - wood, coal and coal blocks. PvP is enabled in the floor where the fuel spawns and punching someone will drop a piece of fuel.

Competitions Edit

The staff of CubeCraft set up some forum competitions to make sure players will not get bored during the Christmas. The participant had to be creative to take a win.

Holiday story contest Edit

An administrator, Tacosbefriends, set up competition where you had to write your own CubeCraft-releated story in English. The stories could be written in any format - as stories, poems or even as choose-your-own adventures. The deadline were set to 31st. December.


  • 1st. place: rank-up
  • 2nd. place: 5,000 points and 20 cubelets
  • 3rd. place: 1,000 points and 10 cubelets

Selfie competition Edit

An another administrator, Roroyourboat_, created competition where everyone had a change to show their Christmas skins. Selfie taker had to be how creative he can ever be - he could photoshop the image, take it from creative place or add effects on it.


  • 1st. place: Emerald rank or rank-up
  • 2nd. place: Diamond rank or rank-up
  • 3rd. place: Gold rank or rank-up

Art competition Edit

Resigned staff member, AquaaXx, did art competition where participants had to do artwork - which had to be draw, paint, photoshop etc. - releated to CubeCraft and Christmas. They could take inspiration from their friends or funny moments surrounding the festive holiday in order to win the competition - as long as they don't copy others and stay creative. The competition ended on 4th. January.


  • 1st. place: Obsidian rank
  • 2nd. place: Emerald rank or rank-up
  • 3rd. place: Diamond rank or rank-up