Control Point (formally known as Tower Defenders) is a minigame in CubeCraft similar Dominate, where the goal is to capture and hold Control Points - first team to get a certain amount of points wins. There can be two, three or four teams.

A player will earn two points for killing an opponent and 20 points and 120 experience for winning the game.

Gameplay Edit

Players spawn to their team's spawn in a world made of islands. If player is close enough the spawn point, the player receives high regeneration buff which makes killing players at their spawn impossible without knocking them into the void.

Players have to try capturing Control Points (can be not or already captured), wool towers, by standing close to them for a few seconds. When the waiting is done, the tower wil generate five points per second for the team.

Trivia Edit

  • Tower Defenders was renamed to Control Point when the merge started as The Chunk has a game called Tower Defense.

Maps Edit