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Block Wars Edit

The newest game on CubeCraft, transferred from The Chunk. It is like a standard CTF game, except that you can build defenses before the game starts.

Money Walls Edit

Money Walls is like a combination of Hypixel's The Walls and Eggwars. You have 10 minutes to gather tokens from generators to purchase weapons, armor, and other items before the walls fall. The goal of the game is to kill each team's Wither King so the opposing team can't respawn, then kill their team's players. There can be two or four teams.

Egg Wars Edit

Eggwars is similar to Money Walls with some major differences: you lose your inventory if you die, their are no mobs guarding generators, and the egg is easier to destroy. There can be two or four teams.

Control Point Edit

Formerly called Tower Defenders (renamed as a game on The Chunk is called Tower Defense). The goal of your game is to capture wool towers that generate points (specifically 5 points each). First team to get a certain amount of points wins. There can be four, six, eight, ten or twelve teams (on this server).

Skywars Edit

Your average Skywars game. Choose between either solo (no kits/abilities) or team (with kits/abilities).

Survival Games Edit

Your average Survival Games. The goal of the game is to survive by killing all other players. Loot and supplies can be found around the map. At the end of the game, remaining players will be put into a deathmatch.

Lucky Islands Edit

Similar to the Lucky Blocks mod, break lucky blocks to receive either a good thing or a bad thing. A server resource pack is required to play.

Tower Defense

The most popular game from The Chunk. For information please visit


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  • Parkour
  • Freebuild
  • Ultra Hardcore

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