NameDescriptionHealthReward MoneyReward ExperienceSpeedRecruitment CostUnlock CostSpawn EggExp/Coin


Spawns Upon Death
SpiderFast movement902010Fast2550Spider0.4Nothing
Cave SpiderInvisible to all towers except Ice and Mage802015default35100Bat0.43Nothing
CreeperSlow movement
Lots of health
45010075Little Slow300200Creeper0.25Nothing
Pig ZombieFast movement
More health
2003030 Fast100150Zombie Pigman0.3Nothing
SkeletonRevives upon death2005020default120150Skeleton0.25Skeleton (Revive)
Skeleton (Revive)[none]1002510defaultN/AN/AN/AN/ANothing
SilverfishFlying entity1505020default100100Silverfish0.25Nothing
EndermiteFlying entity
More health
Fire protection
BlazeFlying entity
Lots of health
WitchHeals nearby entities30010025default150250Witch0.16Nothing
SlimeSlow movement
Lots of health
110020080Really Slow1000800Slime0.082x Slime (Medium)
Slime (Medium)[none]55010040Really SlowN/AN/AN/AN/A2x Slime (Tiny)
Slime (Tiny)[none]2755020Really SlowN/AN/AN/AN/ANothing
Magma CubeSlow movement
Lots of health
1500500100Really Slow15001000Magma Cube0.052x Magma Cube (Medium)
Magma Cube (Medium)[none]75025050Really SlowN/AN/AN/AN/A2x Magma Cube (Tiny)
Magma Cube (Tiny)[none]37512525Really SlowN/AN/AN/AN/ANothing
GiantStrongest troop
Slow movement
Lots of Health
Deals a lot of damage
20481000200Really Slow60001500Witch0.03

Zombies, Magma Cubes (Medium), Slimes (Medium)Zombies (while alive)

WitherN/A204800Super SlowN/AN/AAutomatically spawns at ArmageddonN/ASkeletons on it's path


  • The default speed is equal to 1.6.
  • The witch is invulnerable to mage and poison towers.
  • Giants deal 5 damage per hit. The wither does 10 per hit. It also destroys towers.

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