Money Walls is a minigame on CubeCraft; it is a cross between Egg Wars and Hypixel's The Walls.

Gameplay Edit

Players will spawn on their team's side of the map. They have 10 minutes to gather tokens - which are iron, gold, diamond and emerald - from generators guarded by zombies and skeletons. A few iron generators are automatically enabled at the start of game.

Players are able to upgrade (to make them give more tokens per second) and enable generators by spending tokens on them. Players can also buy weapons, tools, blocks, armour, food and chests for tokens at the villager shop, which is near each team's spawn.

Aftter 10 minutes the walls will fall down. Each team has own wither king, which respawns the players without dropping their stuff on ground - and others try to kill it so the team can't respawn anymore and they can get their items. It can be hard, because another team have to defend it to increase their change to win.

Maps Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Glowstone is a better defensive block than bricks as the opposing team can easily break bricks using pickaxes.