Tower Defense is a minigame on CubeCraft, inspired by the game BTD (Bloons Tower Defense) and BTD Battles. This game came when The Chunk merged with Cubecraft.


Armageddon ModeEdit

Armageddon Mode starts after about 20 minutes of being in the game. It will appear first saying "Armageddon Mode starts in 5 minutes." When there is only one minute left, it will have a countdown above the hotbar. During Armageddon Mode, a wither spawns on both teams' lanes. During this time, the wither will attack towers. After the new update, the cubecraft community decided to add two other Armageddon modifiers. The first one is lightningmode, whitch is not sending any monster, but a lightning that destroys your towerguards and some random towers you placed during the game. The second one is horde mode, which sends hords of blazes, magma cubes, giants, and witherskeletons onto both your, and the opponents base.

Maps Edit

  • Valley by macreddin
  • Gold Rush by frogocomics & Sheoo
  • Hillside by BenKuch & CrafterBoy327
  • Perilous (also known as Perilous Terrain) by dynamicDeath
  • Cave Crawl by macreddin
  • Mountain Pass by Team Quality Constructo
  • Pandora Falls by razorcut15
  • Space
  • Demons
  • Portal
  • Nature
  • Barren
  • Desert


Archer TowerEdit

Shoots arrows at mobs
Size: 3x3
Cost: 160 coins

  1. ? coins: Shoots 2 arrows at a time
  2. ? coins: Shoots 3 arrows at a time
  3. ? coins: Shoots 4 arrows at a time

Ice TowerEdit

Slows mobs
Size: 3x3
Cost: 80 coins

  1. 46 coins: Increases slowdown time; Increases slowdown power
  2. 70 coins: Increases slowdown time; Increases slowdown power
  3. 120 coins: Increases slowdown time; Increases slowdown power

Artillery TowerEdit

Summons TNT over mobs
Size: 3x3
Cost: 240 coins

  1. ? coins: Summons 2 TNT over mobs
  2. ? coins: Summons 3 TNT over mobs
  3. ? coins: Summons 4 TNT over mobs

Mage TowerEdit

Sets mobs on fire
Size: 3x3
Cost: 350 coins

  1. 60 coins: Increases fire time
  2. 70 coins: Increases fire time
  3. 100 coins: Increases fire time
  4. 340 coins: rains fireballs

Poison TowerEdit

Poisons the enemy
Size: 3x3
Cost: 800 coins

  1. 100 coins: Decreases cooldown time
  2. 150 coins: Decreases cooldown time
  3. 200 coins: Decreases cooldown time


Summons friendly troops
Size: 3x3
Cost: 800 coins; 500 points

  1. 400 coins: Summons 2 friendly troops
  2. 500 coins: Summons 3 friendly troops
  3. 550 coins: Summons 4 friendly troops

Zeus TowerEdit

Summons lightning over mobs
Size: 3x3
Cost: 1000 coins; 750 points

  1. 300 coins: Decreases cooldown time
  2. 400 coins: Decreases cooldown time
  3. 500 coins: Decreases cooldown time

Turret TowerEdit

Constantly shoots a bunch of arrows
Size: 5x5
Cost: 800 coins; 1000 points

  1. 600 coins: Shoots 2 flaming arrows
  2. 700 coins: Shoots 3 flaming arrows

Necromancer TowerEdit

Summons an iron golem
Size: 5x5
Cost: 790 coins; 1500 points

  1. 500 coins: Increases attack rate, Increases attack damage, Increases follow range
  2. 600 coins: Increases attack rate, Increases attack damage, Increases follow range

Quake TowerEdit

Stuns mobs for a short duration while dealing damage.
Size: 3x3
Cost: 250 coins; 500 points

  1. 150 coins: Stuns monsters for 4 seconds; deals 7 damage
  2. 250 coins: Stuns monsters for 5 seconds; deals 9 damage
  3. 360 coins: Stuns monsters for 6 seconds; deals 11 damage

Leach TowerEdit

Charges up and then releases a shockwave of energy causing damage in a huge area.
Size: 5x5
Cost: 3000 coins; 3000 points

  1. 200 coins: Increases range
  2. 300 coins: Increases range


See List of Tower Defense Mobs.


  1. Do not place ice, mage, or poison towers too close to each other, as their effects don't stack.
  2. Place towers close together and next to edges for space-saving.
  3. When sending flying troops to weaken or kill the opponent, do not send ground troops (except cave spiders). Otherwise, artillery fire aiming for the ground troops might hit the flying troops.